Women matter

"For too long voices of women have been dominant behind closed doors - and not in other places."

We're talking about Ireland.

86% of law-makers are men. There are boardrooms & media packed with men.  Men dominate the corridors of power in public places.

[Behind the scenes women dominate.  Families are run by women. Customers, purchasers, are women.]

That's the status quo.  That's there to be changed.

I was reading The Irish Times over the weekend (edited by Orna Mulcahy). The Magazine cover said 

"What works for women who work - life lessons from beyond the glass ceiling".

14 Women:

Ramona Nichols, CEO founder of Cara Pharmacy Group
Reverend Pat Storey, Bishop of Meath & Kildare
Maria Smith Vice president for Mergers & Acquisitions at Oracle
Catherine Day, Secretary General, European Commission
Kitty Holland, journalist Irish Times
Cathriona Hallahan, Managing Director Microsoft Ireland
Sara Gallagher, Legal Director Tesco  Ireland
Rosaleen Burke Vice President of Quality Assurance Boston Scientific
Judy Byrne HR Director co-founder Crewlink
Ann Doherty Chief Executive Limerick Hospitals Group
Brid Horan Deputy CEO ESB (Electricity Supply Board)
Emily O'Reilly European Ombudsman
Marian O'Gorman CEO Kilkenny Group
Orla Kiely Fashion Designer
Aisling Keegan Executive Director general manager Dell UK

I highlighted these bits of what they said:

"Breathe in deeply through the nose, hold your breath & count to eight. Repeat 10 times to learn how to keep calm & carry on. I am now very good in a crisis."

"Being yourself is the most important lesson life can teach you."

"Never give up a special family or friend's occasion for a meeting that happens once a month."

"The biggest lesson life has taught me to date is to be a fighter. If you believe in something you should be prepared to work & fight for it. You can't always win, but at least give it a go."

"Calmly be the best you can be & be confident enough to display it."

"Your work needs to drive & energise you, so do something that will have you bouncing out of bed. If something is no longer making you happy then you should stop doing it."

"Really listening to others is a talent that can be learned. Remember that every member of your team has a voice that should be heard."

"One of the biggest leg-ups you can give yourself is to learn how to present well."

"The one person you have to face every day in the mirror is you and you have to be proud of yourself."

"By moving, adjusting & redirecting you can learn from mistakes and from achievements. By simply having momentum you are looking for opportunities to broaden your expertise."

"For women to succeed at a reasonably high level you need to choose your partner well."

"When life offers you a chance you have to grab it with both hands."

"In my line of business it is important to stick to your guns... believe in yourself and your opinion, as it will always be challenged."

"Being able to switch off is a really important life lesson."

The Women's Executive Network (WXN) are making awards this Thursday in the Four Seasons Hotel, Dublin.  The event is sold out.  

I'm not surprised.

There's so much we could learn from the people who'll be there.