When's the right time for Branding?

Today (November 2012) -  I'm with Jonathan Amm chatting about business branding - how his branding approach helps make a difference to business results.
His work has been featured on RTE Nationwide & The Business Show with George Lee.

We have a great conversation about the difference between branding, PR & other marketing tactics. We even discuss the fear entrepreneurs often have of showing their ideas or products to others early. 

Here are some highlights from our chat

  • How to develop a product or service into a business...
  • How to  "sanity test" your ideas... see your "blind spots" & take advice from those you know & trust
  • Test your passion before going to  market
  • How to market test & analyse your competitors
  • Understand your value - your particular "proposition" & how you package your offering
  • Establish whether your product is different... your uniqueness to customers...how innovative & disruptive it is
  • Check how people are behaving... the patterns & trends of consumers... where the demand is coming from
  • Avoid being too focussed on your own point of  view - don't fall in love with something that won't fly
  • Not trying to be perfect from the start... tweaking, calibrating & packaging
  • Show your "secret" product to others, see how they use it...
  • "Bake in innovation" [thanks to "Baked In" by  Alex Bogusky & John Winsor]
  • How products have to hook the imagination
  • Build strength & meaning into your brand & product - from the start -  to be relevant & resonate with people
  • Why marketing & communications is another layer - not the vital core
  • What Cully & Sully did wrong
  • Why it's mad to leave branding until later
  • Why it's wise to bring creative imagination into the design of the product - from the start
  • How tension, conflict, friction & collision of ideas add value to product development
  • How "Stop thinking in a linear way" & "Get people collaborating early" give your business an edge

About Jonathan Amm

Jonathan Amm Co-Founder ChangeAgents

Jonathan Amm Co-Founder ChangeAgents

I am a South African living in Cork - bringing new brand thinking to local entrepreneurs. I love Nando's, good views, challenging golf courses, & good conversation ... I have a passion for helping businesses unlock their promise & potential to grow more customers ... without wasting loads of money on unnecessary advertising or marketing.

My branding career began with when I was marketing VW & Audi in South Africa in 1995. Bill Lynch inspired me do stuff, create campaigns & learn from results.  My expertise includes start-up marketing but I'm really broad rather than narrow.  I've created big brands, products, companies, differences.

I've been on radio in South Africa & TV in South Africa &  Ireland.  I've written for newspapers on marketing, branding & innovation.

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