Family life has changed - or not?

Sunday morning chatter around our breakfast table...

Some people bemoaning the loss of social life...

"They're all texting, tweeting, gaming - they'll grow up unable to have a conversation..."

Again. people predict the younger generation is going to grow up defective.

When I was young it was pop music: kids obsessed with Beatles, Rolling Stones & hair styles...

Before that it was the cinema that was killing storytelling, singing & dancing.

Nowadays, people aren't watching the TV together anymore: they're tweeting during the film. They're dividing their attention between what's going on in the room & what's going on outside.

Some predict kids will grow up unable to concentrate on anything. Some feel everything is falling apart.

The one sure thing is: things are changing faster than before. The pace of change is speeding up. It's hard to see it slowing down.

Those who spend time bemoaning this are disadvantaging themselves.

While they complain - others are figuring out how to move with the changes.

Others are getting good at connecting with the new fashion - linking with people who are tweeting, facebooking, networking.

The truth is

People will always be sociable - no matter what technology is invented. Humans will always find new ways to connect with others.

At the breakfast table, some people were moaning but others were planning to find out more about the latest habits.

And some people were secretly delighted the old ways were being superseded.

Isn't social life great.