Cork and Swansea are Twinned

Do you know that Cork City Ireland and the City of Swansea Wales UK are twinned? Perhaps you do.  But if so, so you know why these two cities are twinned?

Could it have anything to do with both being second cities?  Is Dublin twinned with Cardiff?  I don't know, haven't checked.

The  reason I flag this up is that the Ferry (Julia) is coming back.  The Ferry link between southern Ireland and south Wales is soon to start up again. Yesterday I was in Clonakilty in the cafe of Dermot Sullivan.  He said the Ferry would make a difference to his business.  People would tumble off the ferry in Ringaskiddy Cork and drive west.  They would hit Clonakilty in time for breakfast in his cafe at about 0930.  He would have extra demand from holiday-makers - just when he'd like it.

This is what the Ferry is all about - bringing people together so that they have a great experience.  The journey to Cork from Swansea is fabulous.  I did it twice in 2005.  You can relax, eat, sleep and emerge refreshed for the journey into Cork City and beyond.  The journey to Swansea from Cork is marvellous. You sail out past Cobh with all the lights shining down on you and you remember all the magnificent ocean liners that have sailed this way before. You drink, eat, sleep and wake up to the splendor of south Wales.

The Ferry unites.  What it'll do for the twinning is anyone's business.