Challenge the status quo

I remember my father challenging me.  He pushed me to become clear about what I stood for. He had his own strong position. He wanted me to stop being all over the place. 

He challenged my status quo.  Made me feel uncomfortable, certainly.

Looking back I can see how incoherent I was.  How much I was flying in too many directions.

It took me years of struggle to become clear about what I stand for - and that struggle to express my "difference" continues. 

So it is with a business.  You need to be challenged.  Whether you're an owner or an employee - the status quo is there to be challenged - not to be defended too strongly. 

What is the status quo anyway?

(This isn't going to be a thesis.)  Here's a few notions for you to blend in with your own ideas of the status quo...

The status quo is...

1.  the prevailing mindset

2.  what's in power right now

3.  the current fashion, what's popular now

4.  the way you think is best, your current heroes

5.  the way of least resistance, the road most travelled

6.  the last Annual Report

7.  your HR policy

8.  the present gender balance

9.  your friends & reputation to date

10. the education system

The status quo is there to be challenged...


Here's where you don't need anyone else's answer.  You write your own answer...

Your life is your answer.

You make up your own way of challenging the status quo.

Hint:  on such a base, everything else is built.  That's what my dad taught me.


Socrates say: "the unchallenging life is not worth leading"