It's a matter of trust

As marketers we sometimes get a bad wrap. Last week someone said to me..... “You guys are capitalists, out to manipulate people …getting them to waste their hard earned money, buying stuff they don’t even need”
I must say this challenged my self-concept…I thought marketing was a force for good – delivering choices to consumers & making businesses more accountable? Remember that More Meaningful Marketing mantra that ChangeAgents believes in?

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We work to change the status quo

Stop producing content.

Stop producing more and more stuff... Let's go back to the core of your brand. Let's produce quality content that's based on your brand.  Let's not clutter up the Internet with noise. Instead - let's produce quality communications that matter to people.  That people love. That help people. That serves a purpose we respect.

Because there's too much pointless content. Too many Facebook updates. Too many tweets. Too many You Tube videos.

Because we deserve better...

"Stop producing content" was the start of our communication to the 5th Digital Media & Marketing Summit in Croke Park Conference Centre. The conference was organised by the Sunday Business Post.  What do you think about this video communication?

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