When you apply for a job as CEO...

When you throw your hat in the ring & apply for a job as CEO [or Finance Director or Road Sweeper] - you come under pressure to conform. You wonder "what are they looking for?"  "How can I show them I am what they want - so they'll give me the job?"

From the start you are under pressure 
to be what someone else wants. You can feel yourself tweaking your story to make it attractive to others. You try to project yourself & your abilities - to please others. This is the pressure to comply. It starts for job seekers right from the beginning.

You get the job & are inducted.  
You experience the pressure to become one of "us" - more comprehensively than ever.  You feel the organisation doing its best to tweak you. I remember my induction into London Transport...

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We have to pay more for water

Everyone in the whole world has to pay more for their water.  It's so precious - valuable - scarce.

The Irish government is involved in protracted negotiations between coalition partners, Fine Gael & Labour.  All about price.  All about what citizens will have to pay for water in future.  All about the distribution of the costs of production of clean water.

"Higher water fees as €50 charge ditched" - front page headline in The Irish Times this weekend.

An essential natural resource that's become a vital commodity. But there are water leaks all over the place.  Old pipes that need fixing & replacing.  Water is being wasted all over the place.  The Irish water system is badly in need of attention.  All human life depends on it.

So too with our communications infrastructure...

We need more meaningful politics.  

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It's time for change in Ireland

May I ask you a personal question? A very special question that you're highly unlikely to be able to answer?

Unless you're a bit weird.  Unless you're somewhat odd. Unless you're some sort of misfit, non-conformist or "heretic".

What's the Irish for "freak"?
An Irish American from near Boston, "best-selling" business author, owner of a media empire, keynote speaker Chris Brogan has just published a book called "The Freaks Shall Inherit The Earth".

... Some people are no longer prepared to comply, copy, conform. Some have been freaks since childhood, others have become freaks because of what's happened.

Some know the way forward is by honouring freaks - the people who do it a bit different from everyone else.

I imagine this is what Chris Brogan's book is helping build 

- a movement of freaks...


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Whistle-blowers are heroes

Nothing has made the word "whistleblower" more popular in Ireland than the Gardaí - the police.

The  case of the Garda Commissioner, the Whistleblower, the Minister and the Taoiseach has given us endless hours of chat.  Gossip, allegations, assertions, leaks - even a resignation that backfired...

The dirty underside of Irish public life has been pretty well exposed recently.

And the whistle-blowing has barely got going.  There will be more exposures (a pretty safe prediction).  Which is why I'd like to ask you: 

"What about whistle-blowing in business?  

What about whistle-blowing for your brand? 

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