Has McDonald's finally turned The Corner?

The first McDonald's opened it's doors on Grafton Street in Dublin in 1977. This global brand created and pioneered the concept we all now know as 'Fast Food' ... changing the convenience food industry forever.

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Innovation....you gotta shoot first

“Out there in some garage is an entrepreneur who’s forging a bullet with your company’s name on it,” Gary Hamel, a leading business writer and consultant, has written. “You’ve got one option now — to shoot first.You’ve got to out-innovate the innovators.”

Unfortunately most organisations have an in built defence mechanism against new ideas. People don’t like change so immediately find reasons why ideas should not be considered. The problem is that if you don’t start anticipating the future you could be run over by it.

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Challenge the status quo

I remember my father challenging me.  He pushed me to become clear about what I stood for. He had his own strong position. He wanted me to stop being all over the place. 

He challenged my status quo.  Made me feel uncomfortable, certainly.

Looking back I can see how incoherent I was.  How much I was flying in too many directions.

It took me years of struggle to become clear about what I stand for - and that struggle to express my "difference" continues. 

So it is with a business.  You need to be challenged.  Whether you're an owner or an employee - the status quo is there to be challenged - not to be defended too strongly. 

What is the status quo anyway?

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Holy Cow...are Irish cheese brands locked in a battle of sameness?

The one certainty in Ireland it that it rains most of the time. The good thing about it is that the grass is greener & the cows are big & healthy.

Because of it …we produce some of the best milk & cheese products in the world.

One of my favourite everyday snack cheeses is Dubliner (ironically made in West Cork) It’s crumbly and has a strong, rather acquired taste that’s hard to describe in words…

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Put your staff first and your customers second

A couple of months ago we decided to spoil ourselves rotten. We won a free holiday at the luxury Castlemartyr Hotel & Golf Resort in Cork.

The kids were excited – it was their first taste of 5 star luxury and they eagerly spent the week on the iPad Googling Castlemartyr in anticipation of our visit.

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