Has McDonald's finally turned The Corner?

The first McDonald's opened it's doors on Grafton Street in Dublin in 1977. This global brand created and pioneered the concept we all now know as 'Fast Food' ... changing the convenience food industry forever.

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To Pitch or Not to Pitch...walking the Ad Agency Tight Rope

Can you imagine going to the dentist and asking them to fill a tooth for free? Only if you're happy would you pay them and give them the rest of your dental work.

Or how about expecting an architect to design your dream home... and only if you're delighted would you decide to pay them for their time and creative ideas.

Today we want to talk about the practice of pitching for work...something if you're not in the industry...you may have seen in the hit TV series Mad Men.

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Put your staff first and your customers second

A couple of months ago we decided to spoil ourselves rotten. We won a free holiday at the luxury Castlemartyr Hotel & Golf Resort in Cork.

The kids were excited – it was their first taste of 5 star luxury and they eagerly spent the week on the iPad Googling Castlemartyr in anticipation of our visit.

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Women in business - 9 point plan

Before we get totally caught up in St Patrick's Day celebrations & #IrelandInspires, I'd like to draw your attention to women.

Women in business...

In the past week :

Tessa Barrera was the first keynote speaker at Digital Marketing Conference in Dublin.

The video of Gillian Keating in the Red Chair at SmarterEgg in Cork was published on You Tube (link coming soon).

Yesterday Siobhan Talbot Glanbia's new managing director was featured in The Irish Times by Alison Healy, food & farming correspondent.

As memory of International Women's Day fades, as green Ireland kicks off, - it's been a good week for women (certainly in my mind).

Which might suggest it's time to forget gender?

How relevant is gender?

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