Has McDonald's finally turned The Corner?

The first McDonald's opened it's doors on Grafton Street in Dublin in 1977. This global brand created and pioneered the concept we all now know as 'Fast Food' ... changing the convenience food industry forever.

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How to punch above your weight

That's the $64k question we all have, isn't it?

I'm in a tiny coffee haus in Cork city - there's room for about 25 people.  How can it punch above its weight? How can it grow huge in the affection, imagination & conversation of others?

I'm in a tiny city called Cork (not to be confused with the cork tree)
- there's about 140,000 people living here.  How can this place punch above its weight? How can Cork grow huge in the affection, imagination & conversations of others in other places?

Cork people have a reputation in Ireland for loving Cork.  That's great (if Cork people didn't love Cork, why should anyone else love Cork?). 

But that's not enough. 
For a place to punch above its weight, more is required than the enthusiasm of locals.  

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Holy Cow...are Irish cheese brands locked in a battle of sameness?

The one certainty in Ireland it that it rains most of the time. The good thing about it is that the grass is greener & the cows are big & healthy.

Because of it …we produce some of the best milk & cheese products in the world.

One of my favourite everyday snack cheeses is Dubliner (ironically made in West Cork) It’s crumbly and has a strong, rather acquired taste that’s hard to describe in words…

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You have to take a stand

You have to stand up for your ideas, your interests, your values, ambitions & friends. And if you can't do it beautifully, elegantly & in an attractive style - you still have to do it. Waiting for the ideal way to express your self - holding back until you've found the best way of making your point - restraining yourself until later

That way lies death.

You simply have to do your best now...

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