A bad night's sleep helps improve the day

Out of the adversity & disappointment of a bad night's sleep, you may prefer this message in the form of a true story.  

It started nearly nine years ago, in the autumn of 2005, when I came to Cork on a ferry.  From Bath in England via Swansea in Wales I sailed into Ringaskiddy harbour with a big van loaded full of our worldly possessions - plus stuff I couldn't face leaving behind. I was looking for a place we could call home.

Work-wise it was easy for me. All I needed was a local airport because I was helping to change the culture of the biggest people transport company in the UK. Loved that work & had plenty of it.

But I had no idea what I was really doing & how it would connect with my future work.

I wasn't alone.
With a tiny baby, it was great to be a stay-at- home dad & fly off to Scotland for a few days a month. My business was micro, you see.

But it became harder and harder to make those journeys.  And I got more interested in working in Ireland.  But I had few contacts. Consultants offering to change your business  were ten a penny. It looked tough.

Thank goodness for that stranger  I met at a workshop in Cork City.  I asked him "Do you come here often?"  He asked me "Would you like to come to a business networking meeting?"  

Of course, I said I'd love to meet other people in any business. Then Brian Quinn asked me a difficult question: "What is it you do?"

I had my answer on the tip of my tongue: "I do five things" - and I started to list them. He stopped me. "What the one thing you do?"  That's how I was introduced to Business Networking International (BNI) in Ireland.

They get you to make a one-minute presentation to about 40 people - each of whom comes from a different business sector: one solicitor, one carpenter, one banker, one documentary photographer... You get the idea - no one in competition with anyone else.

I was his guest. When it came to my turn to speak, I stood up, walked to a good position for eye contact with everyone & began (no slides):

"Thank you for inviting me. I write for businesses like yours..." I'll never forget that early morning gathering in the Ambassador Hotel.

You see I'd found a new way of changing the culture of businesses - by accident.  By making a friendly clichéd remark to a stranger who happened to be sitting next to me - in a room full of strangers.

I didn't call myself a copywriter because I wasn't used to using that word.

But it was the same kind of work - changing the world so it could be better for others.  I'd been doing that for as long as I could remember. The rest is history, as they say...

I've always been a change agent.  

Way before I collaborated with Jon to form ChangeAgents Branding. You could say that's been the meaning of my life.

That's why I'm changing the feelings of disappointments into a source of inspiration, changing that lousy night into a better morning.

That's why I've written this for you.  You can do the same for your tough times.