Every ChangeAgents workshop digs deep to discover your Ambition and where you see you business in the Future

Every ChangeAgents workshop digs deep to discover your Ambition and where you see you business in the Future

Brand Led Innovation Masterclass

Brand Building from the Inside out

 At the start of any business venture there is the talent and resources of the people involved. Which industry they decide to invest their efforts into is up to them. But once they have decided what to do, the brand determines what they do next and after that.

 With the failure rate of new products and start up businesses at the 80% level - the role of Branding to differentiate your business and gain traction in the market place has become of paramount importance. The Brand Strategy Masterclass introduces delegates to the new management thinking required to develop and grow brands in today’s challenging economic environment.

 Many marketers are still trapped in an industrial age mindset - where marketing is a bolt on or disconnected from the business as a whole. A lot of the marketing theory that was developed in the last century is no longer applicable in today's volatile and turbulent business environment. In this Brand Masterclass will help start-ups and SME's understand the tools and strategies that are used by the world's biggest brands. It will also help them successfully apply this thinking to their own businesses to create value and new white space innovation opportunities.

Workshop Programme:

  • Market forces and trends that are challenging existing marketing thinking
  • What is a brand why should companies invest in them? [Real world examples]
  • Why insights are jet fuel for building strong brands and creating innovation opportunities. Where to get them and how to use them.
  • How to build an inspiring Vision for your Brand and then operationalize it [Practical Exercises]
  • How to build a charismatic Brand - 3D approach - Differentiation, Desirability and Disruption
  • How to position your brand in the market place for competitive advantage
  • Designing a powerful positioning statement and USP – using local examples
  • Brand Propagation - how to create momentum in the market place and community around your brand

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Design Thinking Masterclass

How to unleash breakthrough creativity, innovation and ideas in your company

A recent survey from IBM’s Institute for Business Value shows that business leaders value one leadership competency above all others.

After conducting 1500 in depth face-to-face interviews with CEOs and public service leaders around the world – “creativity” was identified as the single most important leadership competency for the successful business of the future.

For too long creativity has been viewed as the preserve of creative industries like filmmaking, advertising, restaurants and fashion. In this holistic workshop we will show how these creative thinking skills will give your business the edge in the 21st century.

Join us for this thought provoking & fun Masterclass, where we will teach delegates the tips, tools and techniques that will help you apply a design thinking approach to commercialize creativity across a number of areas in your business. 

Workshop Programme:

  • Creativity & Innovation – introduction & insights
  • What helps & hinders Creativity & Innovation in Your Organization
  • Whole Brain Thinking – understanding how we and other team members think. Using a web based platform to gauge each delegates individual thinking modality
  • How to create an energized culture of innovation & creativity inside your company
  • Design thinking – a human centred approach to designing better products, improving your customer’s experience and creating more relevant communications
  • Companies that embrace creativity & innovation– what can we learn from them
  • Strategies to develop new disruptive ideas [new businesses, new products, new innovations]

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