Working together...

Yes, we believe in being up-front & clear... 


We're very pleased to meet people for an hour -  without any agenda.  You never know what can happen over a cup of tea... how people can click & what trust & inspiring conversation may build up.  No fee - no obligation - absolutely no expectation that we'll do any work for you..


We're also delighted to meet people for an hour - to map out what would be involved in a piece of work - to discuss what's at stake & the ability of the business to invest in more meaningful marketing.  No fee - no obligation - absolutely no pressure on you to commit to working with us..


Here's where you start to commit .....commit to change, commit to making more money... invest, pay for time with us. After rapport building & mapping time - all other time we spend working with you on your business is charged at a daily rate of €950 per person per day.

As you'd expect -  if you invest in multiple days with us - or a "retainer" - the fee comes down.  You'll always know what you'll get for your investment - because we'll spell that out together - so you have confidence you'll get great value for money, an excellent return on your investment.

 PS - We don't do unpaid pitches for work - except in extraordinary circumstances.