"Working with Jonathan enabled our team to think outside the box - really brought the best in us and helped deliver a long term sustainable framework for us to build on going forward"

Ernest Cantillon - Co-owner Electric Bar & Restaurant 

Working with ChangeAgents  was of one the best decisions we made as a start-up company. From research, strategic advice, strategic direction, brand building and the brand execution, they guided us in the right direction and created a creative and disruptive brand that is now successful in Ireland, Europe and the Middle East.

ChangeAgents  understand like no other marketing and branding company in Ireland that building a brand is one of the key-factors in building a successful company and that a brand is not the design of a logo. 

We will continue to use them as we see ChangeAgents  in a strategic partner for our marketing and branding and without any hesitation I can recommend ChangeAgents  if you want business success.

Jeroen Proos, Co-founder Human+Kind Skincare 

"I'm working with Jonathan on a Concept for a Multichannel roll out and development of a Brand and Campaign to grow a business. The quality, depth, and breadth of his creative design, and impact on 'owning' the space for and with the client is outstanding. I highly recommend his ability to bring the parts together in such a powerful manner, and will use him again and again.Brilliant Marketing and in this environment, top drawer stuff!" 

Kieth Deats - Management Consultant for PartyWorld 

"They really got inside our business and created our new brand from scratch"

"Working with ChangeAgents  wasn't easy! They know how to really ask the tough questions which forced us to think about our business in a way we had never done before. They have  a unique combination - they combine  very strong strategic thinking abilities with a creative capability that is second to none. It was great working with them because they are both passionate about what they do and bring tremendous knowledge to the table. The best thing about ChangeAgents is that they were able to execute the strategy they helped us develop. Going from no marketing to winning the best Irish marketed company is a testimony to the kind of value that they added to our business"

Bill Scanlon - Managing Director - The Fabulous Fabric Company.

"ThinkTank thinks bigger and helped us think differently."

"Most design companies give you what you ask for instead of what you really need. ChangeAgents strength comes from focusing on the business first and then looking at your marketing needs. Through a rigorous strategic process they helped us evaluate our business from every perspective so that we could improve our processes, products and positioning. By creating a new brand positioning "Whatever it takes" they captured our  difference and really helped us tell our own unique story and message it out across multiple elements. ChangeAgents helped us get our team behind the new brand and we are delighted with the results."

Siobhan Finn-Henry - Director - National Event Hire

"ChangeAgents helped me step back and see the Big Picture for my business. 

The guys bring a refreshing & unorthodox approach to the table. They spent the time getting to know me & what really inspires me. Jon & Paul worked very closely with me - talking to our team, interviewing customers & partners and getting a strong sense of what sets us apart. 

Through a series of meetings, conversations and workshops they helped me gain clarity around how to best position the KMCElevation brand for future growth. Just like their Mission says ....ChangeAgents genuinely helped me achieve More Meaningful Marketing."

Kieran McCarthy - Owner KMC Elevation 

SpaceWorks: Simply put, is all about putting space to work.

 immediately knew that I wanted to work with ChangeAgents in bringing my creation to life. What I like the most about telling people about my idea is the fact, that you can see the cogs in their heads working as I explain what I wanted to do. Remember, this is a totally new concept for people as it is not in the Irish market. I could see Jonathan getting very excited about the whole idea of my concept. It is a wonderful feeling when somebody else shares the same passion that you do for your idea. That feeling is what helps to drive me on when things get tough.

The more I discussed my vision for my idea, the greater interaction I started to have. The two lads started to dream with me on how best to bring this idea to life. I walked out of that first meeting with ChangeAgents on cloud 9, and I knew that I needed to ensure that all this positive energy was pumped into my creation.

The creation of the new name and the branding is a massive element of the whole concept. My initial name was SIM SPace is Money but ChangeAgents got me to see it from a customer perspective.  I had many a good argument with Jonathan, in relation to changing the name and thank God that I actually listened to him in the end!

Details of the Recommendation: "This recommendation will write itself. 

Jonathan Amm and ChangeAgents are without doubt some of the most creative people that I have ever worked with. Their understanding of my vision for SpaceWorks was exceptional. I am very proud of the work that ChangeAgents created for SpaceWorks including the name. 

When I give people my business card at the end of a meeting, the next question always is "who did your branding". Jonathan totally thinks outside the box. ChangeAgents have given SpaceWorks its corporate identity." 

Damien Houlihan CEO SPaceWorks 

I have always prided myself as being a strategic creative. And it was my pleasure to find a partner who is an intuitively creative strategist. Now, before you think this description is just a frivolous game of word Tetris. It is not. It is rare to come across a brand man who possesses genuine cross-discipline. The fact that he is also quite a nice guy, well... Even rarer. 

Jon genuinely appreciates the creative process and is a fantastic sound-board for any concept. He has a solid head for business, although, that could be said for many others. What sets him apart is the near super-power ability to step seemlessly from the linear into the lateral. An ability that I respect, and when working on complex branding projects, an ability I appreciate. 

As a package, Jon is a marketer with the professional depth to transform even the most tragically malformed brand into the prom queen

Mathew Sher - Creative Director - The Extras 

"It was like having a business psychologist on board."

"As a fast growing small business we needed to look at giving our company a marketing edge. In our workshop session they made us think harder about what we are  doing and why. ThinkTank has a knack for asking the right questions and they kept on drilling down and down until all that was left is what really mattered. Our new positioning is s#*t hot and has added a new fire to the way we do business. ThinkTank made me realize that you don't have to be a big business to have a powerful brand and this has created a seismic shift in our thinking. We wouldn't recommend them to our competitors only to friends and businesses that are serious about building more meaningful marketing"

Gillian Ryan - Managing Director - Update Heating