As Warren Buffett says, “If somebody can do a job better than I can, I will have them do it for me. I didn’t deliver my own three children, I called an obstetrician. I do not want to have some member of my family fill my teeth or try to do it myself. So I go to a dentist. I’m a big believer in outsourcing.”

Our collaborative model means we can help you with the following marketing services:


In the rush to market clients often jump the gun with tactical marketing instead of investing the time to think about the possibilities and the best approach. Having worked on 1000s of projects we bring a fresh perspective and ideas to help you frame and flesh out what will work best. We can  help you conduct a Marketing or Brand Audits to give you an independent perspective on how effective your marketing is.

Alternatively we can come on board for longer periods as internal ChangeAgents....driving marketing implementation on your behalf.

Packages starts at: €4,500 or as little as €1,500 per month 


Consumer Insights are Rocket Fuel for your Brand . This gives clients an insights into what Customers & Staff really think and what your Competitors are up to.

Our primary research offering includes qualitative and quantitative research i.e.

  • Multichannel… Face-to-face, telephonic and digital platforms;
  • Traditional… Focus groups, in-depth interviews and panel discussions;
  • Contemporary… Ethnographic-observational accompaniment, mystery shopping, living diaries;  
  • Anywhere… Intercepts, in-home, POP, market analysis 

Packages starts at: €3,500


A good positioning is based around customer needs, identification of unique strengths relative to competitor strengths and the ability to deliver on promised attributes. To work effectively it must match up to our unique RADAR analysis:

R – Relevant

A – Appeal to heart and minds

D – Differentiating

A – Achievable

R - Resonate

So in a nutshell the outcome of this whole process is to come up with a Brand Positioning or Big Idea that captures: “What is it that your customers want, that your competition doesn't offer, that you could?”

Packages starts from €3,500


Finding the right name can make a huge difference in building a brand or launching a new product. Your name is your first point of contact with your customers and needs to stand out. The name game sounds easy ...almost something anyone can do.

But in a world of complexity where you need to stand out......... finding a strong name with a useable domain is no easy feat. From firsthand experience it's probably the one thing that creates a huge amount of stress and uncertainty with clients. That's where ChangeAgents can step in to bring imagination & creativity to the table to help your new brand become liked, wanted, admired and desired.  To find out more about Naming read our Blog post here:

Packages starts from €1,500


Design is not a nice to have. It's a major differentiator and driver of commercial value