Your track record matters to your business

If you're owner of a small or medium-sized business, keen to expand - you sure as hell need every advantage you have.

It's competitive. Others have eyes on the same market. You owe it to your employees, family, investors not to fail.

We're all shy (at least most are). We're not all mad keen to put ourselves out there for scrutiny.

No one wants to get a reputation as "boastful".

Reticence is often the dominant impulse.

But the owner's story matters. On Dragon's Den you can be sure someone will say "Tell us about yourself". People back people - not just good ideas or potential. (When Trustev got backing from investors, you can be sure Pat Phelan's record made a big difference.)

If you're an expert with a track record of success - you better tell people. They want to know. You better put it on your company website. They're more likely to do business with your business.

If you're committed to your local community & future generations - you better show people what you're doing & what you've done.

Such information makes your company interesting, inspires confidence, attracts customers & investors. It make you as a leader stand out from the crowd.

You owe it to others. It's the sort of work sensible & ambitious owners do.

Here's an example of a CEO. [Disclaimer: In Hand Guides is a client.]

Share your back-story. Build your personal brand.