You have to take a stand

You have to stand up for your ideas, your interests, your values, ambitions & friends.

And if you can't do it beautifully, elegantly & in an attractive style - you still have to do it.

Waiting for the ideal way to express your self - holding back until you've found the best way of making your point - restraining yourself until later

That way lies death.

You simply have to do your best now.

For example,

if you've a family business that's been trading for years

- plus you feel you can't simply carry on trading the same old way

- plus you have ambitions that involve growing the business (as well as surviving)

You have to stand up for your cause.

You have to express yourself - reach out to new people in a different way.

You can't wait until you have it all perfect.

You have to express yourself in a way that won't attract everyone.

You have to attract the people who matter most to your future.

You have to give voice to your most heartfelt ambitions.

You have to stand out from the crowd.

That's my Sunday morning sermon from the Church of Doing Business Meaningfully.