You can't steal your branding

After extolling the virtues of stealing ideas, contacts & time on Tuesday, I say "Don't Steal Your Branding."

Steal everything except your branding.

If it could succeed for your business - I'd suggest you rob your branding from another businesses.

If copying the branding of another business could work, I'd say "give it a go."

Technically, there no difficulty stealing branding. You can hack the coding of someone's website - easily (with help).

You can copy the theme of your competitor or hero.

You can pinch their copywriting style & even sentences.

You can grab their imagery (even the exact same stock images).

You can get away with it.

Like, in less than half a day you can put up a fully "branded" website that'll impress some people.

You can fool some of the people some of the time...

And if what you're after is a mediocre business that makes you a bit of money (+ you can live with the reputation you get & yourself) - why not?

It'll save you a shit load of time & dosh.

And, if you have no ambition to be famous for contributing something valuable to society, this may be the path for you.

We at ChangeAgents Branding won't touch you with a barge pole - but you also won't dream of working with us (for money). We'll be fine - out of each other's way.

In the words of all the greatest heroes, there is another way.

And this blogpost would develop into our book if I carried on.

So let me leave you with this effort to serve you well:

you, your projects, your cause,

your business can grow greater by following a different way.

(To be continued)