Women in business - 9 point plan

Before we get totally caught up in St Patrick's Day celebrations & #IrelandInspires, I'd like to draw your attention to women.

Women in business...

In the past week :

Tessa Barrera was the first keynote speaker at Digital Marketing Conference in Dublin.

The video of Gillian Keating in the Red Chair at SmarterEgg in Cork was published on You Tube (link to 34 mins).

Yesterday Siobhan Talbot Glanbia's new managing director was featured in The Irish Times by Alison Healy, food & farming correspondent.

As memory of International Women's Day fades, as green Ireland kicks off, - it's been a good week for women (certainly in my mind).

Which might suggest it's time to forget gender?

How relevant is gender?

We all know many people who say business is business, gender is irrelevant. Some advocate gender agnosticism. "I'm blind to gender" is their point of view.

It isn't only men who express that position.

But let's look at the numbers:

  • Women make most of the household purchasing decisions
  • Women consume a lot
  • Irish women are better educated than men
  • Women live longest
  • Even in B2B manufacturing - the end consumers are probably women.
  • Women come into everything.

(Our laws may be made by men, but women are at the heart of turning laws into behaviour - education & childcare.)

So what's the best way to take advantage of this context?

What's the best approach to women in business?

How about having a plan
for how to grow your business in this feminine world?

1. Hire women as ace communicators - for social media, PR, more meaningful marketing, corporate comms...

2. Hire women as disruptive designers - for products, packaging, premises, websites...

3. Hire women for smart selling - goods & services...

4. Hire women for vital business development...

5. Hire women for big brainstorming - creativity, ideas generation...

6. Hire women for detail that matters - implementation & completing projects...

7. Hire women for important strategic thinking & planning direction...

8. Hire women for all key decision-making...

9. Hire women for celebrating & motivating people...

Start with an audit of your current situation. Rate your business on each of the 9 areas: 0-3.

That's your starting point for Kaizen (continuous improvement).

Growing your business through more meaningful marketing means a lot more than having women in marketing roles - doesn't it?

Otherwise ignore the gender issue :)