Why wasn't this word invented before now?

What would you call it if your small business in Dublin - in Temple Bar  - beside the River Liffey got flooded? If you had to shut down, lay off half your staff, hire in de-humidifiers & offer half your normal menu? And your turnover crashed?


What would you call it if you were shocked by how your customers, staff & local people reacted? If occasional customers from Wicklow hired a bus to come in en masse to support you?  If traders from other parts of the city rolled up to help you out?  If the local media got behind you in your hour of need? If all your staff stayed up all night doing everything they could to save the business?


Have those two things ever happened to you at the same time?  
Of course.
Have they happened to others?  

What single word captures that experience?


So why  does the word not exist in the Oxford English Dictionary or Websters or even online?

Why did  it take my 8-year old daughter to invent it this morning?