Whistle-blowers are heroes

Nothing has made the word "whistleblower" more popular in Ireland than the Gardaí - the police.

The  case of the Garda Commissioner, the Whistleblower, the Minister and the Taoiseach has given us endless hours of chat.  Gossip, allegations, assertions, leaks - even a resignation that backfired...

The dirty underside of Irish public life has been pretty well exposed recently.

And the whistle-blowing has barely got going.  There will be more exposures (a pretty safe prediction).  Which is why I'd like to ask you: 

"What about whistle-blowing in business?  

What about whistle-blowing for your brand?  What about exposing the weaknesses in your brand - in your employer's brand?"

[Remember your employer doesn't own the brand.  Apple don't own the Apple brand.  If anyone owns the brand, it's the consumer. But that's a story for another day.]

Whistle-blowing the brand means 

  • arguing back against the tide
  • deliberately keeping an issue open when others want to shut it down
  • disagreeing with the CEO in public
  • putting your career on the line for the sake of the brand

Groupthink is the enemy.  
Of course, in theory, everyone agrees.  But the forces of conformity rule within organisations.  

Whistle-blowers comply with a higher value.  
The higher purpose of your business - what is it?  

Who stands up for your values when everyone else is gung-ho in favour of the latest fashion?

Whistle-blowers for the brand - we need an anthem, a flag and a leader.

You can be that leader. ["Tribes" by Seth Godin is good reading.]


Whistle-blower:  Contact me via Twitter @omaniblog - a direct message DM - when you're looking for an attentive ear.