When we were very young... communities rocked

When I was young, I never said to my father (as he dropped me off to school) : "You better. Otherwise you're dead..."

Back in those days, no one published their own newspaper & wrote out their complaints about customer service in Todd's department store in Limerick. [now Brown Thomas]

They didn't even write to the local Limerick Leader newspaper about it.

More recently
Before my daughter was one year old, no one set up a way to rate female students at universities as "hot" "cold" or "ugly".

No one thought of sending one text message to a million people

People who thought like that were "weird misfits" - hardly worth spending time with.  They were "beyond the Pale" as we say in Ireland.  That sort of behaviour wasn't "meaningful".

Nowadays, you're weird if you're in business and don't use what those weirdos built.

Everything changes. What's meaningful to people changes out of all recognition over time. The status quo is not sustainable.

This must mean meaning is social.  It's created by individuals who are created by social.

Communities make meaning.  
Community is all there is eh?  Community rocks - more than we ever notice.

Communities make marketing meaningful.  Communities move on. The old type of marketing isn't meaningful any more.

More meaningful marketing is what  people are looking for.

This is your road to success.