What's the difference between marketing and branding?

Some clients (and potential clients) ask searching questions.  Others give the impression of not being curious.

People who don't ask searching questions about our business make me suspicious & mistrustful - especially when we're talking about the prospect of doing business together.

So it  was incredibly welcome to be asked:

"What the difference between your marketing approach and others in Cork?"

The question opened up the really important issue of "What value would I get from you that I wouldn't get from other marketing companies?  Why should I go with you?"

That's always the unspoken question - and if it doesn't come out into the open naturally - it has to be put on the table - or we're wasting our time.

The question should come from the client side of the table - otherwise there's a risk the client will think we are presenting a prepared patter.

Today a new client asked us the big question.  That's why I'm so pleased.

It gave us an opportunity to respond to his tone of voice, curiosity & urgency.  We were able to offer a more meaningful answer at precisely the moment when he most wanted the conversation.