What works really well?

More meaningful marketing works.  

Can I prove it? No.  Does that matter? No & yes.

No - because a hundred case studies don't prove more meaningful marketing works.  There might be 1,000 where it didn't work.  So the generalisation hasn't been proved. - has it? No amount of case studies will prove the case for a sceptical finance director who doesn't want to believe it.

Yes - because it's different from rubbish like 

"We're Ireland's leading, high quality, professional & cost effective widget maker.  We offer a huge range of widgets to meet customers' every need and a comprehensive widget delivery service to all of our clients. We are commited (spelling mistake) to resolving your widget issues effectively & efficiently by listening to your needs, applying our considerable expertise and employing up to date practice & technology. We achieve results through hard work, a passion for excellence & a commitment to you, our clients."

More meaningful marketing "divides the room" - into those for whom it means nothing - and those who breathe a sigh of relief. They say "at last, someone's speaking my language...

"Let me find out what they mean."

Curiosity works.