What we intended to say in a memorable way

Grow your business in a meaningful way - in a marketplace that's more and more cluttered by digital spam.

In the heat of the moment at the conference - what we wanted to say didn't get said right.  

But what was it we'd have said if everything had gone perfectly? 

Brands are conversations.  

Between companies that have purposes, personalities, desires, needs, wants, expectations, hopes, products, services & people that have purposes, personalities, desires, needs, wants, expectations, hopes, money. Talk with people.

Stop everything

- for a minute. Stop doing same as everyone else.  Stop talking at people. Stop getting people to click your digital stuff. Stop rushing to tactical action. Invest time & money on your core. Start helping people to care for what your business means. Build everything around that. Meaningful improvements. Quality is what we need. Less quantity of rubbish. Please Stop.

Noise is all around us.  

Our digital conversations are taking place in a cluttered world. People feel indigestion. Content is increasing at an increasing rate. Over supply of content is diluting our attention.  People are not happy being overwhelmed. It's bad for business too.

Clear - a clear picture.  

Companies should present an attractive "Yellow Brick Road to the Emerald City" with real characters that mean a lot. Everything in place reinforcing the brand experience, working together - online & off line in concert. That's attractive to people.

One direction

- one commandment - one big idea - one core value - one organising principle. You can't be famous for more than one thing. Everything internal & digital should be connected to the central point, the heart of the company. All other values serve the One. People judge you by your behaviour. Your staff, your website, your everything. What's your One?

The Promise is how you succeed.

The company has its promise to offer, the customer wants a promise to be met.  In a world full of disappointment & mistrust, the way forward is by delivering a promise.  What can you deliver that's needed & others can't promise? Then people care.

The Story is how it all comes together.

First, hook the attention of the audience. Creatively grab & hold that attention. Dramatically, emotionally, digitally - give people an experience they value. An experience they own. Beginning, middle and on-going.  The story is a relationship. Ireland has great storytellers in every community: we need great storytelling in business too.

"Community that Cares"

- a shared sense of being in this together - that's the business way through all the noise & meaningless clutter. A self-reproducing organism that's confident "we'll go forward together". That's the meaningful journey that gets people to click because they care.


To show all that in a memorable way at the Digital Media & Marketing Summit in Croke Park (29 May 2014) - that was our ambition.  We experimented.  We avoided a conventional presentation. We offered a different experience. 

It didn't go perfectly.  In some respects, it didn't even go well.  But our intention was clear.  We'll be able to build on that. It was an investment.

We'd like to invite you to have a conversation with us about all this.  Especially how we can improve things together - collaborating to grow businesses in a more meaningful manner.