What clothes are you wearing?

Have you ever dithered about what clothes to wear to work?

Of course you have.

The people who waste no time thinking about what clothes to wear fall into two camps:

  • People who don't care how they look
  • People who know how to look

People who don't care
are ruled by whim & unconscious forces. There isn't much more to be said about how they dress - you get pot luck every day - you never know how they'll appear.

It's people who know how to look who are worth talking about.
People who wear the uniform. They don't have to make a fresh choice every day. They have several suits - all the same. Their mix & match decisions are already made.

Yesterday I was in Kinsale
meeting business people from the South Cork Business Alliance. Big thanks to Lucy Hyland "Food for Living".

A man said

"I'm going back to wearing all black."

He'd realised people used to know how he'd appear. He used to be consistently black. People remembered him as the guy who always wore that colour - all over.

His clothing helped make him memorable.

Successful brands
are like that. They wear the same clothes all the time. Their colour. They own it. Their consistency over colour reinforces the message: we are reliable, dependable & memorable. We don't play tricks on you. You can predict what we'll be like for you.

"I'll always wear black" - the man in black & blue resolved. I wished him well & thought he'd made a coherent decision.

Why do priests always wear black? Why do Guards always wear navy?
Why do Apple always wear white?

People like it. People like to know in advance what you'll be like - how you'll be dressed. When you appear - they have their prediction confirmed : "I knew she's be purple."

People love to be right
- it makes humans good to experience themselves knowing how you'll dress. It puts us in better humour when we feel good about our ability to predict accurately.

  • We buy more from others when we feel better about ourselves
  • It's good commercial sense to dress consistently. 
    Consistently inconsistent is hard to pull off. Better to wear your own colour every day.

Oh - your colour can be a combination of colours
- mixed and matched. The trick is to stick to you colour every single day.

Be predictable. Make that your difference.

You'll have a competitive advantage over weak brands.

Your job today:

Look at your wardrobe. Decide your colour - your personal brand colour. To whom can you give the other colours?

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