Westbourne IT

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Westbourne IT Systems

Westbourne Systems has been established for over ten years and is a highly regarded provider of a wide rage of IT services to both Corporates and SME's based in Ireland, services include; Systems Consulting, Outsourcing solutions, Network Administration, Disaster Recovery, Project Management, Systems Integration and Technical Support and Training.

The Goals

- To understand the current set of beliefs and perceptions, needs and wants that exist amongst customers and staff across all aspects of the Westbourne Systems offering to drive the business strategy going forward.

- To facilitate the management team in a strategic planing exercise in order to develop a roadmap for the future.

The Strategy

ThinkTank researched Westbourne's customer base and staff. This exercise was incredibly directional in that it:

- Revealed key areas of improvement for Westbourne that were acted on immediately for quick wins.

- Key market opportunities and the potential for innovation that were built into the strategic plan & acted as critical business drivers.

- Highlighted core competencies that drove the competitive positioning strategy.

- Highlighted the key areas that Westbourne needed to build into the business strategy that are of critical importance to customers.

The Results

ThinkTank's capability as a research and strategy consultancy ensured that the research findings were acted upon and formed the basis for the development of a business and brand strategy for Westbourne. The exercise provided Westbourne with the strategic direction necessary to plan its growth strategy for 2010 and beyond.