"We want to start working with you"

When the phonecall came on Monday morning, I was in a meeting.

I slipped out of the group to take it.

This was no ordinary call. Mary Murphy must have news or something? I'd been thinking of her startup before the meeting. How weird she should ring today. I was going to email her.

"Hi Paul, it's Mary...

"I was at a conference for startups on Saturday & came away with three reflections for our business.

"We need three things now: (her exact words)

1. A stunning product brand
2. Authentic and memorable storyline
3. Clarity of purpose

"Mary, you're talking to the right people. We're here to do that with you."

"I know & and I want us to make a start straightaway. We'll scrape the money together."

That was it.

A new client.
I was over the moon.

The guys at Cork Open Coffee in Bodega including Paul Savage, Paul Murray, Paul Sutton, Aidan O'Callaghan, Nicholas Bernier (ex Paris France) & Josselin Legall (ex Nantes, Brittany, France) were great. They listened with full attention as I told them the backstory.

Including the fact that when we first met Mary's startup I'd offered to sign an NDA (non disclosure agreement).

Seamus, one of the Limerick startup team said

"You can tell anyone you like about us. We want people to know what we're doing. We have patents in place."

Imagine a startup saying we need a "stunning product brand"
 - an authentic story (her words) - clarity of purpose (her words)

This is no ordinary CEO. Their product aerates waste water in a disruptive way & cuts energy consumption & saves money.  It'll help save our planet (my take today).

They haven't funding to pay for a full branding job
- but they know they have to start moving in that direction fast. (Could we help them find a White Knight?)

The way to start a mighty journey towards world domination is with a tiny step. Their market is international. Their brand will be global.

One day with ChangeAgents. One day with Jon & Paul - that's a tiny step.

It's the start that's needed.

Mary (CEO) has got the show on the road.

Monday morning was a great start to the week.

Your job today :  Start your branding work.

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PS - Mary Murphy & Seamus are not their real names - just haven't shown them this blogpost yet