We have to pay more for water

Everyone in the whole world has to pay more for their water.  It's so precious - valuable - scarce.

The Irish government is involved in protracted negotiations between coalition partners, Fine Gael & Labour.  All about price.  All about what citizens will have to pay for water in future.  All about the distribution of the costs of production of clean water.

"Higher water fees as €50 charge ditched" - front page headline in The Irish Times this weekend.

An essential natural resource that's become a vital commodity.

But there are water leaks all over the place.  Old pipes that need fixing & replacing.  Water is being wasted all over the place.  

The Irish water system is badly in need of attention.  All human life depends on it.

So too with our communications infrastructure.  
That's vital too.  Humans need to communicate with each other - that's as natural as our need for clean water.

Last weekend, the front page headline in The Irish Times was 

"State approves €500m for broadband."

"More than 1,000 towns & villages across country to access high-speed connectivity."

Water & Broadband - both vital for social and commercial life.

We need more meaningful politics around these essentials.
We need politicians who'll make our water both clean & delivered efficiently.  We need politicians who'll make our communications via the internet fast & reliable.  

Leaders that talk meaningfully about these issues with citizens, voters, policy makers, suppliers, entrepreneurs, innovators, inventors - everyone that matters.

We need to change the status quo.  
Change the way these vital issues are dealt with in Ireland.

No one believes the minister for communications Pat Rabbitte will deliver high-speed broadband all over Ireland quickly enough.  

No one believes the government will sort our water quickly enough.  Almost everyone thinks they'll talk for ever and deliver piecemeal.

This isn't what we want...  
We want confidence in change, confidence that politicians (& powers that be) will deliver.

In Ireland, there has been a huge shift: people have lost trust in the "authorities".  Everyone is sceptical - everyone expect to be plamásed (to be fobbed off with sweet talk), to be misled.

That's why pressure is needed from us.  From everyone of us who cares.

Businesses don't exist in a vacuum.  
Successful business growth requires clean water & great broadband.  

Agitating & lobbying for change is a business skill.  It's needed within organisations.  It's needed by people conducting business.

We all need more meaningful politics to help our community grow.