Value of inspiration from others

I'm sitting in my office, Sunday afternoon. Listening to Brian Clark (@copyblogger on Twitter) in conversation with Lee Odden.

[These guys are American.  I've met them - via the internet.]

I'm hooked, can't turn the interview off - even though I have a list of stuff I need to do before going on holidays. They have me glued to my seat on the topic of how to do PR - how to do on-line PR.  There is so much I'd like to learn because I could be better.  These two are heavy hitters in USA - a place where internet experience is deep. I'd like to introduce them to Ireland.

Distracting thoughts... But I'm not really concentrating fully on them.  At the same time, I have a conversation going on in my head.  I'm thinking how lucky I am to have contacts.  People who've inspired me.  Others who've got different experience from me. People who help me stay open-minded.

I found Chris Brogan by accident.  Someone mentioned his name and I got curious.  I did a bit of digging, discovered Chris Brogan was really well known & successful.  No one I knew face-to-face had ever mentioned him to me. But he turns out to be really generous and helpful to others. So I picked up a star.

It was @chrisbrogan who introduced me to what I'm hearing  now.  Third Tribe is playing.  I'm listening an audio podcast of Brian Clark & Lee Odden giving instructions on what to do - if you want to get your message out to journalists.  This is teaching me how to get noticed by traditional media - how to communicate my clients' messages.

Where would I be if I had to do my learning in isolation?

More inspiration: Another collection of inspiration is Twitter. A flood of tweets threaten to overwhelm me.  There is so much good stuff being shared.  How can anyone cope with it?

Here's my trick.  I put all the stuff I think looks good - too good to be taken in quickly - too complex to be absorbed now - I put those tweets into a folder - my favourites.  I now have 480 favourite tweets.

My sharing plan: I'm now going to start sharing my favourite favourites.  I'm going to put up blogposts which are lists of  links I value. I'm going to provide that service - here.  Soon you'll find a little fund of great stuff here - you may ever find exactly what you're looking for.

But better that any links you might get from me - you might contact people directly and discover there are many Chris Brogans out there - meaning  there are others who are also fabulous at sharing their world with you.