Two businessmen planning a round of golf

Sean:   I need to do something about my mouth.

Liam:   Pardon Boss?

Sean :  Yes Liam - it's too long since it's had a make-over. All the other guys at the golf club have fresh breath.

Liam:  Your breath is fine as far as we're concerned Boss - but I suppose, if everyone else is having a make-over, you don't want to stand out as old-fashioned.

Sean:  Absolutely, standards are changing - I've been looking over the horizon into the future - as a good MD is meant to do while networking.

Liam: Boss, this is my job now.  Leave it to me - I'll arrange a beauty pageant.

Sean:  The same as you did last time?

Liam: It got you smelling sweet, at hardly any cost :)

Sean: How fast can you fix it?

Liam:  Before your daughter's wedding - ok?

Sean: You're the man - we don't call you Head of Mouthwash for nothing. What's the plan?

Liam:  Simple.  I'll put out an email today to the top three dentists in town. I'll tell them you need a fresh new impressive breath that'll blow your four-ball away. I'll send them a brief general email (nothing too specific). Invite them to send in their best advice in a costed proposal - and we'll get them to come in & present their proposals. After that, we'll play them off against each other to get the best price.  

Sean: Really?

Liam: It works every time.  And you always have the option of taking their ideas and doing it yourself - for free. Or hopping on RyanAir to Warsaw with a plan prepared by Cork dentists. That's a great value option.

Sean: Will they do it? What if they ask "what sort of an impression do you want to make?"

Liam: We'll say "you're the experts... let's see what you come up with."

Sean: And if they want to know how much money I have to spend?

Liam: We'll say that depends on what they propose - that'll keep them guessing.  We can always say there's a good chance they'll get the contract to do all our mouths. 

Sean: You mean they might do my mouth for free in the hope of getting a really big contract?

Liam: You nailed it Boss. 

Sean: Surely they can't afford to spend lots of time thinking about my mouth, debating what I need & pitching to me?

Liam: Boss, trust me - this is how it works: every dentist has to factor in the cost of pitching for a new contract. That's the game. They don't get paid for consultations. They don't get paid for producing their best ideas.  We only have to pay them after we award them the contract - and, even then, we can knock them down by saying other dentists will do the work for less.  It's a win-win for us.

Sean: I hired you to trust you. Sounds like you know what you're talking about.  A round of golf on Saturday?