Trinity College, the University of Dublin

UCD will go ballistic.  That's my prediction.

Let me introduce you to the most interesting rebranding story in Ireland today.  This will be a journey over several months - this blogpost starts a mini-series that aims to make rebranding TCD more transparent that ever.

The news that broke publicly on Saturday
in The Irish Times newspaper (the most authoritative newspaper in Ireland) is  

Trinity College (TCD) the university that's located in the most historic part of Dublin city has taken the Bible off its crest.

  • That took courage.
  • This is controversial. This is stirring a hornet's nest.  
  • But the Pandora's Box has only started to open.

The Board of academics that run the university have taken a monumental step: they not only hired a company to  help them rebrand Trinity, but they collectively agreed a series of gigantic steps.

They could have been safer.  Could have slightly adapted the image of the College.  Instead they have caused a big splash.

Much more meaningful marketing in store - I predict.

Who's the champion of change?  The change agent at work?

[I have no insider information on the state of play between the forces of conservatism and the forces of revolution.  Hopefully someone from the Board of "Trinity College, the University of Dublin" will come here to this blog and enlighten us.  That's a warm encouraging invitation.]

If you think the removal of the Bible (replaced by an image of an open book) is  massive - wait till you consider the new phrase that introduces Trinity to the wider world.

"the University of Dublin".

Obviously it depends on the emphasis you give to the word "the".  If it's said with a capital "The" - it confronts University College Dublin (UCD) & Dublin City University (DCU) with an issue.

"How dare Trinity claim to be "The" university of Dublin" - I  hear the Boards of UCD & DCU rage.

That's why the branding guys behind the changes used the word "the" rather than "The".  But will that be enough to satisfy the opposition?

Trinity has fallen down the university league table.  That's part of the context within which the Board of TCD have been courageous. Did they really have a choice?  Their reputation is in decline.  The Board had to act now - and the right place to move was into the branding of the College.

That's the heart of the business.  That's the nub of the problem.

(1) For long-term improvements - go back to your brand - simplify & clarify its expression - and what it stand for

(2) For competitive advantage - go back to your brand - make changes that make an impact 

(3) Be unforgettable, remarkable & resonate with the movement of changes in society.

I promise you I'll not drop this story.  The changes coming out of Trinity College, the University of Dublin are a lesson for how to grow your business (including your not-for-profit).


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