Top 10 questions to use for your business

When thinking & talking about growing your business - it's handy to have one short key set of questions in mind.

  • Questions that are easy to remember.  
  • Questions that are easy to discuss with everyone that matters.

Your top 10 questions:

1.  Why does your business exist?

2. What's your product or service?

3.  Who are your customers?

4.  What plans do you have for what you offer to customers? [next 2 years]

5.  What's the competition? [What alternatives do your customers have?]

6.  What's your current financial position? [turnover, cashflow, profits]

7.  What investment funds do you have available now?

8.  What's your ambition?  

9.  What's your timescale for achieving your ambition?

10.  How much time & money are you willing to risk to achieve your ambition?

Hint, tip, nudge, push:  

Write down your answers to all 10 key quest1ons. Frame your answers. Put them on display. Review your answers weekly.

Communicate your answers to others in a way that attracts them to your business.


No one knows what's the very best set of questions ever invented.  Our list of 10 can be improved.  

What would you change?  

What's your advice?