Today a phenomenal opportunity came up

This morning, completely unexpectedly, a phenomenally attractive opportunity came my way.

In the form of an email proposal from a person who's work I place in the highest category.

I knew straightaway what to do:

I need to give this careful consideration.  I need to consult my advisers.  I need to do a thorough risk analysis.  I need to have much more specific information about what the guaranteed return on investment would be.  I need to assess the opportunity cost.  I need to fart about procrastinating.  I need to be sure this will not fail and I'll make a lot of money out of this. I need to sleep on this for 40 days & 40 nights.  How do I know you won't trick me into giving away all my greatest work?  I must protect my intellectual property.  I need to get my funding tied down before doing anything.  I'll get back to you - leave it to me. Thank you very much for your email.  When I've finished dealing with all the important things I have on my plate & the urgent day-to-day matters that pop up - I'll revert to you.

Meanwhile, have a good life.

Your job today:  have a good laugh

at the absurdity of such a response to a "phenomenal' (no exaggeration) opportunity.

I've heard all of the above from potential clients as various stages of my long life in business. There has to be a more meaningful way to greet a proposal you like.

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