The World Cup is on us

The World Cup starts today

There is so much about community building to learn from it

Like it or not it's arrived. Approve or disapprove - there's no way to avoid it (short of withdrawing from society for next month).

At two extremes, there are those like Jo Blogs who'll be glued to "de tele" - and will pull a "sickie" or two during the tournament in Brazil.  

There are those like Dee Shocks who've publicly stated via Twitter that she wants nothing to do with it - even if Ireland wins (joking).

In between are the great lovers of spectacle : remember the Colosseum jam-packed to the gills as men went up against the Lions?  

Humans love ceremony.  
We find ceremony irresistible.  Big colours, grand sounds,  massive designs - other people gathering.

We are community animals. 

Maybe that's why oodles of people (who couldn't care less about the League, week to week,) will tune into the World Cup for more time than they ever intended?  People who don't "follow" any team - but just love the excitement.  People who don't care who wins - so long as there's brilliance & controversy.

The World Cup is a storytelling feast.

(Check out the BBC strands:

There's something there for everyone.)

This time, 2014,  millions will watch the World Cup with at least one communications device at the ready. People will watch matches - and Facebook at same time.  People will tweet their way thru the competition.  WhatsApp will be packed. People will experience the football as a multi-layer sensation.  

The event will be an act of collective imagination.

The majority of people will have their smartphone with them.  They'll join in hashtags on Twitter. They'll comment on what's going on. Report scores & murder the refs. 

There will be more digitalised comment than face-to-face.

The World Cup brings people together
in a way that's becoming more and more normal: internet-connected community life.

A few will communicate quality content - the majority will consume it.  People will read their way thru the World Cup & pass on stuff they love to others.  A sharing world.  A re-tweeting universe. People will brand themselves.

How do you foster a community around your business brand?

There's a lot to learn from the World Cup.

Even if you're a mad rugby supporter & look down your nose at the round ball game.