Top 50 Irish business Tweeps: You connected?

On a very wet day in Cork - a Sunday you wouldn't want to go out in - I found a lovely little article buried inside the Sunday Independent.  

I had no intention of buying that paper - The Sunday Business Post was my target.  

To buy two papers - in this digital age - felt extravagant. So I copied out all 50 Twitter names and asked myself:

  • How many of the "Top 50" do I follow?
  • How many have I connected with?
  • How many am I really connected with?
  • How many have I met on Skype or face-to-face?
  • How many am I collaborating with?
  • Who's missing from the List?
  • Who would like to see this list?

It does make sense to connect with the "Top 50"
- they have authority.  Doesn't mean they are the nicest people in the world - but they've done something that deserves respect. You can learn from the Top 50.  You don't need permission to read what they have to say.  You can find who they connect with. You can virtually spy on them.

The beauty of Twitter eh?

But what if the "Top 50" according to ROISIN BURKE aren't the top 50 at all?

What if that's simply her view - and she compiled it in haste?  [I suppose Bill Liao didn't qualify as Irish - he only lives in Kinsale.]

Who are the really influential Irish business tweeps?

How can you measure "influence"?

The best effort to measure how influential someone is online is Klout.
[In case you think you know all about Klout - think again. Look at the new Klout.  Prediction: Klout will be more influential in future.]

What should you do?
It depends on how ambitious you are.

  • Do you simply want to find ideas that have worked?
  • Do you want to learn from great communicators how to use Twitter well?
  • Are you looking for an ally, even a collaborator?

There is no formula, no magic button.  A list of successful people is great - but it's what you do with that list that matters.

You may ever be able to help them.
All these "Top 50" are simply humans doing their best.  You can build more meaningful relationships than simply becoming a "Follower".  

There are excellent Irish business people using Twitter who never made the journalist's list. People like those suggested by David Quaid 

 @PaulSweeney @RayDownes @chrisjhorn @CookMedical @cjhartnett  
@graham_royce  @Paul_Rellis @CorkeryScorkery  @BYRNEC  @mneylon


Here's the start of a List "Top 50 Irish Business Tweeps" with their Klout score: 
[You can add your favourite names here.  You can also put this List into a blogpost - if you decide to blog about Irish Business Tweeps.]