Shock @ hearing Oren Harari RIP

We've all been inspired by others.  We wouldn't be the people we are without influence of others. It's human make assumptions - especially to assume a hero will always be there...

Today I got this email from Aodan Enright:

"I learned today that Oren Harari, author of 'Break From The Pack' has died.

Amazingly, he actually passed away in April of this year but I only found out today when I checked in on his website. My thought had been "I haven't seen a blog post from Oren for a while". Such is how we miss people in this internet age, eh?

I wanted to share a story with you. Since we completed the first 'Break From The Pack' programme almost two years ago, I created a task for my action list entitled 'Share learnings from BFTP with Oren Harari'. I thought it would be nice thing to do to collect some of the insights & applications that had been generated by the group and to feed them back to him. I know if I had written a book like that, I'd appreciate hearing how people were using the ideas to develop their own businesses and careers. And as each group graduated, more and more material accumulated.

And here's the thing. I never sent it to him.

I know. I can hear some of you making wisecracks already about doing my own course on Procrastination. But, I never did it. Of course, we've had some great interactions with the likes of Jeff Jarvis and Mitch Joel but not Oren Harari. And the opportunity is now gone.

So, don't wait until the 'right' time. Don't put off 'breaking from the pack' until next year or when the bond spreads are different or whatever the reason du jour may be. Get going and do it now. As we're often reminded, we only have one shot at living our lives so let's make the most of it!

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I'm staring at my copy of "Break from the Pack - how to compete in a copycat economy" by Oren Harari.  Staring at the memory.  The author influenced me, and gave me a business edge.  From the book I took this message -

Make your business different Make it so different that it can never be copied Make it absolutely unique

- so that no one can get the same service from anyone else...

I see my margin notes on page 19...

Key questions:

"How can you differentiate yourself from the mob around you? How can you attract and retain customers while charging a reasonable price in this frenzied environment? How can you make your booth and your goods so extraordinary and appealing that you won't have to continually lower your price to differentiate yourself? And if you do something daring, what will you  do when the vendors at the stalls all around you try to copy what you do? How do you avoid getting drowned in the noise and anonymity of an environment where your neighbor appears to be selling and yelling the same things you are?" (Oren Herari p.19)

On page 35 of Chapter 1 ("Welcome to Commodity Hell") I jotted these phrased in the margins

- all about "Snowflake" - unique

On page 36 I wrote

- Create something of unique value.

In a wonderful chapter about Madonna & Willie Nelson, Oren Harari offered this analysis: if you were to "emulate" Madonna's business tactics you would...

  • You'd be constantly changing... you'd be restless with sameness...
  • You'd monitor trends... to 'get there first'.
  • You'd reinvent yourself even when your current products & services are popular...
  • You'd be constantly experimenting...
  • You'd always invite and challenge your customers to change with you...
  • You'd be deliberately provocative... (I underlined this)
  • You'd always be connected to  reality
  • Whatever you'd do, you and your organisation would do with passion and 100% commitment (underlined)
  • Your tone would always be optimistic, upbeat and fun-loving...

I took Oren Harari's analysis and advice very seriously...  I hope it shows.

May he rest in peace... may he look on with pride at his legacy.