The only 3 supporters you need in business

1. You need kindred spirits

2. You need collaborators

3. You need investors

(1) “Spirits”
People support you in spirit - in the way you probably already associate yourself with other brands - even wear their tee-shirts.  

  • you feel "we’re on the same side"
  • you feel the brand expresses your point of view
  • you feel "we’re part of the same movement" 

Spirits belong together - in community.

[For example: ChangeAgents Jon & Paul feel we belong with AJ Leon & Misfits-Inc, Chris Brogan & Human Business Works, Avoca & a few other specially “disruptive’ brands.]

The behaviour of Spirits

visit your website

read your blog

share your posts

leave comments

subscribe to your newsletter

pass the newsletter on to others

mention you to others

send you emails

connect with you via social media

love you

What you do for Spirits

feature their ideas & projects

send them gifts

send them special offers

share your contacts with them

Occasionally try to “sell’ them something you think they’ll value


(2) “Gang”
Your gang collaborate with you...

Work with you - as (for example) thought-provoker, inspirer, server of others, researcher, facilitator, designer, cartoonist, builder of websites, tech guru, digital communicator, podcaster, visual genius, intern, virtual assistant, copywriter

Gang members

join you for projects that attract them to do their best work

immerse themselves in our business ethos

know heaps about you

With gang members 

you meet & share prospects

you build a sustainable partnership

(3) Investors
Too often people have a narrow view of investors.

What investors do

find you ideal clients, connect you with them - even broker a deal that works for all

fund you, give you money to help you grow the business

give you their hearts & minds - skills, intelligence, connections & energy.  

expand (up-scale) the business with you

connect you with wealthy people who love your ethos & want you in their stable.

What other supporters do you need?