The Digital Summit in Dublin

Don't confuse this one-day event with The Summit - Paddy Cosgrave's baby.  

It's the 5th Digital Media & Marketing Summit.  In comparison with The Summit (4-6 November), it'll be tiny.  Just 300 in Croke Park Conference Centre

But 300 is enough to change a lot of habits.  300 people could change the way business is done in Ireland - if they acted together.  If they collaborated to kill the rubbish & fill our lives with more meaningful marketing - 300 could bring about a "tipping point".

That's cloud cuckoo utopian thinking. Ridiculously impractical.

But that's why Jon & Paul are going to speak at the Digital Summit.

We're going there to change hearts & minds.  And (more ambitiously) behaviour.

We're going to serve 300 people a tiny feast of  protests, ideas, stories & suggestions - designed to stop people in their tracks.

Stop all this digital activity.

Attend to your brand.

We're two warriors bent on supporting people who need something better than the (digital media & marketing) status quo.

How did we get to speak?

We got to speak at Digital Summit as a result of an experience.  

Here's the story:

One day, in the Maryborough Hotel in Cork, we found a link via Twitter to Digital Summit Croke Park Dublin.  We read the programme.  Got cross. There was no one speaking about the importance of getting your branding right.  

Digital Media & Marketing without Branding made no sense to us.  

For that reason, Paul rang the organisers & offered to fill the gap.  We offered to be the branding & marketing guys.  We were ready to provide the service of shouting (explaining) the importance of rooting everything in your brand.

We showed examples of our work.  The organisers considered & phoned us back a Yes vote. We were in.  That's why we're speaking at the conference.  

We have a mission.

It shows you can get yourself booked as a speaker:  notice a gap & volunteer to plug it. 

Who'll be there? 
About 60% from companies that need digital marketing services + about 40% from companies that need clients.  A good split.  We won't see the list of attendees until the morning of the event.

Who'll be speaking?

Anthony Quigley [Digital Marketing Institute] will chair the day

Adam Berke [Adroll]

Michael Faley [Google]

Dennis Bree [Twitter]

Felicity McCarthy [Spark Digital]

James Carr [Facebook]

Des Martin [3funnel]

Paul O'Kane [Dublin Airport Authority]

Alan Coleman [Wolfgang Digital]

Aoife Rigney [Aoife Rigney]

Brendan Almack [Wolfgang Digital]

Sean O'Sullivan [LocalSocial]

Paul C Dwyer [Mandiant]

Adrian O'Flynn [Concern]

Norman McBrien []

Ian Dobson [Digital Marketing Institute]

Brian McCarthy [Newsaccess Media]

Oisin Byrne [iReach Analytics]

PS: the Hashtag for this event is #digitalsummit14