The big question about pollution

I've never forgotten the day my father asked me the big question:

"What are you doing to save your immortal soul?"

That felt like the ultimate challenge to my teenage self. That may have been his greatest gift to me...

This week I've been grappling with the secular version - the big question.

"What are you doing to clean up the shit?"

The pollution question.

Here it is for you: "What are you doing to clean up the mess that you've helped create?"

In other words - what are we to do to save this planet from pollution caused by "development"?

In Tralee yesterday
our wonderful new client presented their answer to some VIPs.

I saw sludge being turned into clean water. I smelled the shit - as it got converted back into the world's most precious resource : clean water.

The air became cleaner as the acrid smell of human effluent was diluted back to fresh.

I witnessed VIPs experience a potential solution
to our world's greatest problem: how to clean up the mess left by human desire for economic progress.

Because we humans haven't cleaned up as we've gone along - we now have to clean up afterwards. We cannot keep on polluting soil, rivers & air...

  • Do you know that one third of China's rivers are polluted?
  • Do you realise China is so big what happens there affects us all?
  • Do you know we badly need heroes for the clean-up?

"What are you doing to save your soul, Paul?" got through to me years ago.

"What are we doing to turn dirty water back into clean water?" was the modern question in County Kerry.

We at ChangeAgents Branding are fortunate to be working with people dedicated to cleaning up the environment. Their cause is our cause: clean up the shit. (Of course it can be put more elegantly.)

The people of Ireland, UK, EU, Middle East, India, China, North America are in pain over pollution.

We need sustainable solutions to the pain of pollution.

Why? The answer is obvious - eh?

Each one of us creates waste. We need entrepreneurs who care about the environment.

Heroes of the clean-up - we're fortunate to be working with people like that.

Your job today:  clean up after yourself.