Sometimes your great pitch bombs...

I've recently written a great pitch for work with a potential new client.

The problem was I didn't know the client personally. I had no rapport to begin with.  It was like pitching into the abyss. The client didn't even ask for the pitch.  I simply made my own assessment of the client's business interest, and pitched to that.

It's been a disaster. Complete failure to get past square one.  The 'client' rejected the proposal without seeming to consider it in detail.  Judging by the email reply I got, I hadn't even communicated the key feature of the proposal.  I don't think I've ever bombed so badly - not even a chink of light left open for a follow-up face-to-face discussion. And we didn't even get around to discussing how much the proposed work would cost the client.

I'm incredibly disappointed. I so wanted to do the work.  It was one of the best projects I've ever designed.

However, there is a good side. The design is inspired: the  template can be used with another client - when the rapport is there.  The project was conceived with a collaborator: we have had the experience of working up the proposal together on Google Wave.  We are much more ready to pitch other proposals to others.  The work of thinking, talking-over & drafting the proposal was quick: not a lot of time has been invested.  What we invested were our professional skills.  Life goes on...

I got this blogpost out of it... Turning adversity to advantage is one of my strongest traits, thank goodness.