Some business decisions are too hard

Some business decisions are easy.

For example, a well-established popular hotel near Cork City centre faced fierce competition. Hotel standards were rising.  Customers demanded more.  The place looked jaded.

There was a decision to be made:
refurbish or knock it all down and start again?

That was an easy decision.  Financial projections are easy.  Guesstimating returns on investment are simple - accountants are skilled.

The hotel group decided to knock the place down & rebuild.  This involved shutting down for about a year.  Very easy decision-making that's often presented as difficult.  

Here's the really tough decision.

"Shall we keep the name: Jury's Hotel?"

"It's well-known, loved & has stood the test of time?" (When was Jury's founded?  1881)

How many sleepless nights before it was decided to name the new hotel?

"The River Lee Hotel"

  • How many alternative names were considered?
  • Researched?
  • Compared with other hotels?

Even more difficult were the decisions about branding of the new hotel.

  • What did Jury's stand for?  
  • The ethos, personality, values... ?  (See a big list of related questions.)
  • What's different about The River Lee Hotel?
  • The Doyle Collection difference?

What's going to be different about our new hotel - compared to the Clarion, Hayfield Manor, RadissonBlu, Cork International Airport Hotel?

This is what re-branding is all about.  
Tough questions that help you make step changes.

Yes, building a big new building with 4-star standards involves complex decisions.

But re-branding is where the real long-term worth lies.  

Who wants sleepless nights?

Only courageous people buy into tough decisions.  

Making tweaks, modifications, adaptations is safer.  You won't feel anxiety, worry, fear while changing your business a little bit.

It's easier to avoid big change.

PartyWorld turned their world inside out while rebranding their business.  It wasn't easy.

But look what exists now.