Social Media for Dancers @ UL

University of Limerick (UL) are preparing their dance students for the world of work.  This blogpost is the story of my tiny part in the process being led by Catherine Foley (course director) & David Collopy, general manager of UCH (University Concert Hall). I ran a seminar this morning. About 12 students, all dancers.  This was the second in a series of seminars broadly about how to market yourself. This blog post is in response to a request by Galadrielle Heinrich (Ireland France Chamber of Commerce) for info on what I covered during the seminar.

My purpose was to help students by raising a number of issues:

(1) what kind of a world are you preparing for?

(2) what will the audience of the future be like?

(3) what will the performing artist of the future do to market themselves?

I wrote no presentation. I prepared for a conversation with the students. The special resources I used were websites, blogs and Twitter. The session lasted 50  minutes. I thought of recording it on my iPhone but, in the excitement of the moment, forgot that intention.

At the end of the seminar the students asked for a part 2 on how to open up your presence, how to begin presenting your brand via social media. That's now scheduled for next week.

I recommended Chris Brogan.   "Trust Agents" by Chris Brogan & Julian Smith influenced how I shared my view of the world.  "We live in an age characterised by mistrust", I suggested.  This is a positive development, one of the result of mass education, I said.  By the body language of the dancers, they too were sceptical of traditional advertising hype, and broadcasting.  I think I encouraged them to check @chrisbrogan on Twitter.

It emerged that most had Facebook but no one had Twitter.

The best part of the seminar... ...I think, was the case study of what you could do if you were looking to hire an unusual dancer.  I'll add that into this post soon.

(to be continued)