Seven questions that'll renew your commitment

Monday morning - start of the week - before breakfast
now's the ideal time to ask yourself  7 questions.

Find a clean sheet:

  • Are your customers & clients ideal for the business?
  • Are your suppliers ideal for the business?
  • Your investors ideal?
  • Your staff ideal?
  • Your business partner ideal?
  • Is your image ideal for the business?
  • Are you ideal for the business?

What you should do next is obvious - yes?


PS Special thanks to Aodan Enright & SmarterEgg for introducing me to the concept of an "ideal" client.

Michael Port wrote "Book Yourself Solid"

"when you work with clients you love, you'll truly enjoy the work you're doing; you'll love every minute of it. And when you love every minute of the work you do, you'll do your best work..."