Serve others better during troubling times

You may be feeling upset by the news of the mass grave in Tuam.

The whole community of Ireland is influenced by the horrors of what's come out in public. You too may be finding it harder to focus positively on business while the experience of the Tuam babies hangs over us. 

An awful sense of social responsibility may be distracting us.  The community we serve is in trouble.  

Our businesses are here to serve people during troubling times. 

The strength we need to change the status quo comes from within each one of us - but most of all - it comes from our communal connections & collaborations.

We can't change much alone.

We need to reach out & support others thru the goods & services we offer.

Business matters.  
It's so much more than commerce. Business is best seen as service to the community.  The money transactions are required to keep the service coming.  

  • Survive in order to serve people.  
  • Expand, grow, become strong & sustainable to serve a wider community for longer.

That's the relevance of business.

(Too many people think business is about getting rich.  If you focus on getting rich - rather than serving people - you'll lose in the long run.)

Focus on service - serving people:

Serve your staff,
your work colleagues. Select them carefully, lead them with inspiration, guide them clearly, help them develop their potential, fight for them, fire them with respect, celebrate with them, be one with them.

Serve your suppliers
Keep in touch with them, collaborate with them, pay them on time, celebrate them, help them find business with others.

Serve your customers:
Keep your promise, deliver the quality they expect, be reliable, delight them by exceeding their expectations, help them feel proud to be associated with you, offer them a stream of valuable goods & services.  Help them use your services to their advantage. 

To serve you...

Jon & Paul invested time working on our business recently.  We dug deep into what we're giving to you +  how we could express that better.  

You might find these 4 Questions useful 
for your business:

  • How could we be easier to contact & deal with?  
  • What could we be clearer about what we offer + what we can't offer?
  • How could we improve the way we reach people who most desire their business to grow to the next level?
  • What can we do to serve people who can't afford to hire us?

We re-examined our messages.
We decided on the 10 words that best express us
(Your 10 words are the ones that really matter.)

Small, Quality, Growth, Challenger, Emotional, Trust
Collaborative, Brave, Different, Human.

Then we asked the tough question:
Which is the One? 

This is the question that matters most.   On the answer to this question hinges the future of your business :

What's the One thing you stand for?

For us it's "Challenger" that pulls it all  together.  [This is so fresh it feels vulnerable. ]


What do we stand for - in your eyes?  What words sum up the service we are giving you? Contact us and let us know - please.