Reading Mitch Joel to develop business I must improve our presence on-line. is not good enough on-line, yet. No longer do I have this vague feeling that things could be better. I've found a way to systematically improve.  I've invested in change...

That's the bottom line. The background is  I've joined a group led by Aodan Enright from SmarterEgg. This is a group dedicated to business improvement. We are on a programme: 5 face-to-face workshops, and as much on-line virtual contact as we care to make ourselves in between meetings.

This is where Mitch Joel comes in. His book "Six Pixels of Separation" is our first text.  We're using this 'platform' to start our effort. We've never worked together before.  We are an inexperienced group of experienced individuals. We need to coalesce around something solid and inspiring.  Aodan did the research to find us a starting point.

SmarterEgg is a business that helps other businesses review and think ahead.  It works around books, collective reading and good conversation. We've all read chapters 1-3 from Mitch, President of Twist Image. My copy is now full of markings, margin notes, highlighted phrases and resolutions to self.

Phrases like:  "Me too!", "WOW!" "Me an authority??" They're some of my jottings.

My Action Plan... At the end of chapter 3, the text leaves plenty of space.  I've written my Action Plan: 13 action  points for me to do now. (There's another SmarterEgg programme for Procrastinators.  I'm skipping that one, but it inspires me - like a conscience.)

Write short blogposts: another resolution.  I'll put up my action plan later in a separate post. Call to action = Isn't it time you too had a good look at your on-line presence?

[ps: Thank you Kevin Dooley for your image.]