Reading for business: Gary Vaynerchuk

A difficulty I have with business books is I love them too much.  Often they excite me.  They seem crammed full with experience & advice. I have difficulty absorbing it all. I recently wrote down my Action Plan after reading three chapters of Mitch Joel's book.  My 14 point plan.  As if that wasn't enough...

Smarter Egg reading group, led by Aodan Enright consists of these businesses:

Fuzion Communications - Greg Canty Roger Overall Photography - Roger Overall RGD Logistics -  Rudy deGroot Leadership Management Ireland- Bob McCarthy AutoMotif & - Paul Allen Curam de Cara Marshall Art  Academy -  Liam-óg Griffin Success Partners - Julie Silfverberg - Paul O'Mahony

We've moved on to our second book, "Crush It" by Gary Vaynerchuk. We have both text & audio version (in which Gary veers off into adding extra stuff - plus you get the exciting sound of his enthusiasm for the subject.)

In Cork Coffee Roasters this morning, I reached "Crush It" page 69 of 142 pages. I felt it was time to review - go over what I'd read & pull together all the highlighting & margin notes to self.  In a hurry I jotted a Moleskine Notebook page of 16 "Wisdoms" [backward chronological order]

16 Wisdoms from reading "Chuck It" by Vaynerchuk:

1 Be authentic 2 Let people in to your personality 3 Mix it up sometimes (the personal & the business) 4 Set up a Facebook Fan page 5 Email 6 Put "Share it" functions on my blogs 7 Check out "Tumblr" for blogging 8 Write long enough comments on blogs - so that people feel they've gained from my contribution 9 Step up AudioBoo

10 Get ready for Videoblogging 11 Sort out

  • Is [writing for business as passionately curious] my ultimate passion?
  • Am I good enough to be the best blogger about [writing for business as passionately curious]?

12 Write blog/twitter content about the learning process (the process of learning to be a better writer of my type) 13 Explore the idea of "provocative analysis" (Gary's phrase) 14 Build Brand Equity : what does this mean?  Idea = interview Fuzion, ThinkTank & Fergal Kinery (Whisper) 15 Storytelling... Storytelling... Storytelling

Next... My fellow Smarter Eggs will come to our face-to-face gathering on Tuesday (in 3 days) with their own experience of reading Gary Vaynerchuk. It'll be great to see what they've made of the book.  The group is there to help each other change habits, adopt new practices, change the world.  I better read on, finish "Crush It".

Your next move...

  • Like more detail about my thinking, contact me (Twitter @marketingwrite & @omaniblog).
  • Like to chip in a comment & make us think deeper about all this business, do it now please.

If you're Gary Vaynerchuk picking this up via social media monitoring, thank you so much for an exhilarating ride. I'll email you a link.