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The Company

Pervenio is a pioneering, world leading provider in Automatic Device Management and Service Provisioning software solutions that enable Mobile Operator's to stay better connected with their customers by detecting the mobile device instantly and configuring automatically the maximum service capabilities of each handset on their network.

The Goals

- To develop a marketing strategy for Pervenio.

- To develop branded product offerings.

- To create the brand platform which informed the development of all key messaging about Pervenio.

The Strategy

ThinkTank worked with Pervenio to define the Company Positioning, Vision, Elevator pitch, Core Competencies, Customer Value Proposition, Brand Identity, Product Names and Tagline & this investment was the cornerstone to creating on-brand messaging for all key stakeholders - staff, investors and media.

The Result

Pervenio's relevant, differentiated and compelling brand messaging enabled Pervenio to stand out from the crowd and was one of the primary reasons cited for gaining the attention of its eventual buyer, FinePoint Technologies, a global leader in customer aware software for both mobile and wireline operators.