People to meet @DMXDublin on Wednesday

You have to go networking for your business.  And there are plenty of opportunities to do it.

For example, you could join Business Networking International (BNI) - a local & global networking group.  

You could join Network Ireland (or a local branch Network Cork).

You could go to a conference, like 5th Digital Media Marketing Summit on 29 May or The Summit Dublin on 29-31 October.

This week you could go to Digital Marketing Conference in Aviva Dublin - that's being run by the Marketing Institute of Ireland.

The big question is how to take advantage of the networking opportunity.

Here's a great way to prepare yourself for networking:  use to begin a list of the people you'd like to meet.  

For example, I'm going to DMX Dublin.  There will be over 800 people there - who would I like to meet?  Here's a list I've started:

A list can be embedded on your blog & every time a name is added to it, Google loves it.


My plan for the day is:

1. Travel up on Tuesday

2. Connect with people via Twitter & LinkedIn