No one knows what a PSD is

Yes indeed. No one knows what a PSD is.  I realised this yesterday when I had to ask our designer in South Africa to send over the PSD to our Wordpress guy.

I hadn't a clue what PSD stood for. All I know was: it was the right acronym to use to get what I wanted done.

But none of the three of us knows what a PSD is.

You see I went to Wikipedia for help - expecting I'd understand after reading a clear explanation. But that didn't work.

PSD stands for 

and so on...

Into my head popped this thought "what do branding & marketing mean? And what's the difference between them?"

Who knows?

All I know is that it's a ChangeAgents job to be clear about what we mean by those words.  It's also our job to serve others by offering our meaning in a clear & concise meaningful way to our ideal clients. It's also our job to offer others who know people in need of help with their business development the tools to they'd value.

We all need to serve others with what they might want.

But first we need to understand

  • what we stand for
  • what we mean
  • why it matters to both sides.